How we work

The Community REDD+ Portfolio has undertaken actions aimed at forests and biodiversity conservation, strengthening productive chains with low environmental impact, promoting training and decision-making spaces for communities, and encouraging women’s participation and influence within the framework of REDD+ projects. Reaching these goals and objectives has implied some challenges. Here, we tell you how we did it.


The REDD+ Community Portfolio has undertaken multiple actions to promote forest conservation and contribute to climate change mitigation. But how can we know if we are actually reaching these goals?

We work to strengthen the monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV) capabilities of the community’s technical teams in order to corroborate that the actions carried out regarding governance, production chains, training and social investment are reaching the goals that drive us: to reduce deforestation and forest degradation, conserve biodiversity and improve the living conditions of communities.

This has enabled transparency in the verification of the projects’ environmental and social impact, through reports on the number of greenhouse gas emissions reduced, the hectares of forest preserved, the species of fauna and flora protected and the social benefits achieved.

Moreover, we have given communities tools and training to monitor the state of their land daily, setting up teams of former sawmill workers who travel through the forests collecting information about ecosystems with the goal of managing sources of deforestation, illegal hunting and activities that may threaten conservation, and to take early action to avoid or reduce forest hazards. LEARN, BELIEVE AND CREATE! This is how we strengthen our commitment to the forests.

With our feet on the forest